Indian Argo Program Events

SNoWorkshops / EventsDateRemarks
1.Indian Ocean Argo implementation - planning meetingJuly 26 - 27, 2001 IOAI Planning meeting report
2.First Argo Float (supplied by Canada) deployed by India12th December, 2001First Argo float deployed by India; Results report
3.Launching of Indian Argo program through IOGOOS cruise (First set of floats deployed in the Indian Ocean).October 2002 
4.100th Float deployed in Indian OceanSeptember, 2005WMOID : 4900668
Longitude : 88.0⁰ E
Latitude : 04.0⁰ N
5.First set of Argo floats with Dissolved Oxygen are deployed in Indian OceanSeptember, 2006 
6.Argo Steering Team meeting held at Hyderabad, IndiaDec 06 - Jan, 2007 
7.First Argo User interaction workshopJune, 2008 
8.200th Argo Float deployed in Indian OceanJanuary, 2011WMOID : 2901297
Longitude : 57.1⁰ E
Latitude : 30.0⁰ S
9.13th Argo Data Management Team meeting held at Hyderabad, IndiaNov 12 - 16th, 201213th ADM Meeting report
10.First set of Bio-Argo floats deployed in the Bay of BengalDecember, 2012 
11.300th Argo Float deployed in Indian OceanJuly, 2013WMOID : 2902111
Longitude : 74.0⁰ E
Latitude : 0.75⁰ S

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