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Call for Project Proposals


Ocean State Forecast (OSF) and Marine Fishery Advisory Services (MFAS) - R & D, Validation, Dissemination, Capacity Building and associated real-time observational requirements
2018-2020 (FY)

Analogous to XII five year plan period, the projects will be sanctioned to personnel/organization satisfying the following criteria. The proposed project should be with in the areas of interest discussed in the section 2.3 viz. ‘Specific areas of interest’. The project may be proposed for maximum three years or till March 31, 2020 whichever is earlier.

2.1. Who can submit the proposals

The project will be sanctioned to the Scientists / Academician, who are in regular service, from Research / Academic institutes. The Principal Investigator (PI) should have sufficient working experience in the relevant field of proposed project. In the case where additional expertise is required to execute the project, the PI can opt for co-PIs.

2.2. Areas of interest

  1. Validation of Ocean state forecast products, R & D towards improvement of the existing ocean products / services of OSF, dissemination of the products and forecasts, user interaction / awareness campaigns, support in Capacity building programmes, feedback and Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) collection and periodic submission of data and reports.
  2. R & D towards improvement of existing PFZ services, development of new products, applications and services such as species specific fishery advisories, etc., setting up of regional models towards calculation of primary & secondary productivity and higher trophic interactions, user interaction / awareness campaigns, support in Capacity building programmes, feedback and Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) collection and periodic submission of data and reports.
  3. Deployment, maintenance and monitoring of the INCOIS observational systems, collection of time-series data on fishery, ocean state , physico-biogeochemical parameters and monitoring of fish spawning & rearing grounds of fishes.
    1. 2.3. Dissemination, Capacity Building and Awareness Campaigns

      All the Validation and R & D projects proposed under OSF Mission and MFAS should also take appropriate steps to downstream disseminate the OSF and MFAS services, conduct awareness campaigns and capacity building programmes, and hence widen the user number and reachability of OSF services.

      2.4. Sanction of Equipments

      It is expected that the PI should have the basic instruments required to carry out the measurement of the essential parameters. However in case of non-availability of the basic instruments, the same can be projected in the budget under Equipment head with proper justification.

      Major equipments will be procured by INCOIS and provided to the projects and minor equipments and lab consumables, sample storage equipments, etc. can be proposed within the project funds.

      2.5. Sanction of Manpower

      Manpower will be sanctioned in the pay scales of JRF/ SRF/ Research Associate and Field Assistant (FA)/ Technical Assistant (TA)/ Project Assistant(PA)/ Project Scientist/ Project Engineer. The recruitment rules applicable for the manpower in the host institute may be followed. Further, it is expected that the PI is in regular service during the project period and will not be paid from the project. In some special cases PI can also accommodate superannuated scientists / Associate Professors / Professors as “Consultant” (proper justification is needed) in addition to the above manpower. The sanction of Consultant will be based on the recommendation of PAMC and will be paid honorarium as per the norms of Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES). In such cases consent is required from the host institute to extend the infrastructure facilities to execute the project.

      2.6. Financial Framework

      The funding required for executing the project should be proposed under the recurring and non-recurring budget heads. The following table format may be used. The amount proposed towards Contingency should not exceed 10% of the total for the items in the recurring heads.

      2.7. Project Closure Report

      The PI shall submit the Project Closure Report within three months from the date of completion of the project. The closure report shall provide clear details of the achievements, deliverables, etc. along with the required financial details.