ESSO - Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services

(An Autonomous Body under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India)


Modelling and Ocean Observations Group (MOG)

Observations and modeling for understanding Indian ocean dynamics and thermodynamics & to provide description of past, present and future state of Ocean at appropriate spatial and temporal resolutions.

Group Activities
Ocean Observations - Argo profiling floats
Co-ordinate other Ocean observing system (drifting buoys, current meter moorings, XBT/XCTD and RAMA)
Numerical Ocean Modeling for understanding Indian Ocean dyanmics and Operational use
INDOMOD and Other R & D Projects

Group Head
M. Ravichandran

Group Members
Dr. Sudheer Joseph Hasibur Rahaman Vivekananda M Dinesh K
Dr. S Siva Reddy Shivaprasad S V P Thangaprakash Dr. B. Praveen Kumar
Pottapinjara Vijay Srinivasu Upparapalli Suresh Kumar N Dr. Girishkumar M. S.
Ashok Kumar R U V N Satish Murali Boddepalli Venugopal Reddy T
Jyothi Lingala Jofia null

Group Activity Images